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Going Green with Boulder Nissan: Explore Our Eco-Friendly Products and Practices

Boulder is considered one of the most earth friendly cities in our nation so we want our company to follow suit with some auto industry related resources and products. A few are listed below and are currently being used or offered at Boulder Nissan. We are the leading volume dealer for the Nissan Leaf the 100% Electric Zero Emission vehicle. We have four level two vehicle charging stations and 1 level 3 unit currently installed at our dealership for customer use. We also offer the new Nissan Rogue Hybrid and Murano Hybrid new for 2016 and 2017. We are looking forward to even more efficient products being offered from Nissan in the near future. 


These are re-useable seat covers and floor mats used for service customer vehicles instead of using plastic and paper products that are costly and get thrown away. 


This is a furnace we had installed in our service shop that burns our used waste oil to heat our facility and service drive. This will save on our use of gas heat by over 60% annually and reuse a resource we once had hauled away.


We completed a full LED lighting retrofit to the entire dealership interior and exterior as we as added a 50KW solar panel system to our rooftop to reduce energy consumption.

All used shop fluids, used tires, used parts, and used shop equipment are properly recycled.

We offer paper, plastic, and aluminum can recycle bins in our facility for customer and employee use.


All paper products purchased for use within the dealership are made from recycled products.

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