Bob Schmeckpeper



I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. I like to spend time watching my two boys play soccer and cross country running. I love walks with my daughter and enjoy watching her orchestra concerts. Also, I enjoy hiking, fishing, landscaping, and working on cars in my spare time.


"On time, done to my satisfaction. Great to work with Bob, he does a super job."

 - Doug B.


"I came in because I had seen an error light about me e-brake. Bob was so kind and helpful. He explained what they would be doing up front, gave me an estimate of how long it would take, and kept in regular touch about how the work was going. He went above and beyond to make the service a good experience."

 - Sharon J.


"Bob, Service Advisor, very thorough and explained the work to be done. He didn't try to persuade me to select services not required at this time, e.g., both times tires and brakes have wear and tread left on them. He is quite friendly and takes time to explain matters. And--when I returned later to report my phone missing, he looked diligently for it, even in chair in waiting room where I'd been sitting. Actually, I found phone later wedged between driver seat and console."

 - Paul L.


"My first time going to Boulder Nissan for service far exceeded my expectations as I have historically not gone to dealerships for service. The staff was friendly, helpful, and communicative. They not only resolved my issue, but Bob went above and beyond when he noticed a squeaking sound when shutting my truck door. Despite how busy they were, he went inside and got a bottle of lubricant and sprayed it on some contact points for the hood which stopped the squeaking. I can't tell you how much this will mean to my wife who hated the sound. Thank you for the great service, I'll definitely be back!"

 - John H.


"Bob delivered an excellent customer experience from start to finish. The waiting area is clean, comfortable, and has wifi."

 - Jason A.


"Bob was very helpful and took care of my needs!"

 - Michael K.


"Bob was very friendly and great at keeping us in the loop and communicating."

 - Katie C.


"My service rep (Bob?) was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. He kept me informed of the progress with text messages and covered the results of the survey."

 - Daniel A.


"Bob is so professional from start to finish. He told me what to expect when I arrived and updated me 30 minutes later that the service would take a little longer because of a recall they wanted to install. My car was ready and washed when I arrived and Bob had me back on the road promptly. Boulder Nissan never disappoints!"

 - Suha O.


"Kristi and Bob are the best. Excellent customer service"

 - Jennifer R.


"Excellent service. Bob S always takes great care of me and is a pleasure to do business with."

 - Brad R.

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