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Will a Nissan Dealer Work on INFINITI Vehicles?

Published on Jun 9, 2023 by Boulder Service Team

Can a Nissan Dealer Service and Work on Your Infiniti?

When it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair, brand specialization is often an important factor to consider. But what if you drive an Infiniti and you're thinking about servicing your vehicle at a Nissan dealership? Can a Nissan Dealership service your INFINITI? Well, the answer is: Yes (with a catch)!

Shared Origins, Shared Expertise

Nissan and Infiniti are like siblings in the automotive industry. Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury vehicle division. Because of this shared lineage, many of the parts used in Infiniti vehicles are also used in Nissan vehicles. This results in overlapping knowledge and expertise among Nissan service technicians. As a result, Nissan dealerships have the technical know-how and capability to perform a range of maintenance and repair tasks on Infiniti vehicles.

But What About Specialized Training?

When it comes to servicing Infiniti vehicles, it's fair to ask about the specific, brand-oriented training that technicians receive. After all, Infiniti is a luxury brand with unique features and specifications. Thankfully, due to the significant overlap in parts and vehicle systems, much of the training that Nissan service techs receive can also apply to Infiniti vehicles. This means that you can expect quality service and knowledgeable technicians when you take your Infiniti to a Nissan dealership.

What about Warranty Work?

Although Nissan dealerships can effectively work on Infiniti vehicles, there is one key exception: warranty work. If your Infiniti is still under warranty, any warranty-related service must be performed at an Infiniti dealership. This is a policy requirement as Infiniti wants to ensure all warranty work is handled directly by their own brand specialists.

Putting Trust in Nissan Service

So, can you confidently bring your Infiniti car to a Nissan dealer? Absolutely. You can count on Nissan's skilled technicians to understand the intricacies of your vehicle and deliver exceptional service. Just keep in mind that if your car is under warranty, you'll want to stick with an Infiniti dealership for any warranty-related concerns.

Ready for Service? Schedule with Boulder Nissan Today!

Now that we've clarified this often misunderstood issue, why not give your Infiniti the care it deserves? Boulder Nissan boasts a team of experienced and skilled technicians who can handle a variety of service needs. With our in-depth understanding of both Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, we're ready to provide the exceptional service you need.


Don't wait until minor issues turn into major problems. It's time to schedule your service appointment today at Boulder Nissan. Trust us, your Infiniti will thank you!

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