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How Boulder Nissan Helped a Boulder Resident Afford an Electric Vehicle

Published on Jun 3, 2024 by Boulder Nissan Team

In a recent article by CPR News, Boulder Nissan was highlighted for their exceptional service in helping Cindy Torres, a Boulder resident, purchase an affordable used electric vehicle (EV). This blog post explores Cindy's journey, the role of Boulder Nissan and its staff, and the broader impact of EV discount programs in Colorado.

Cindy Torres' Journey to an Affordable EV

Cindy Torres faced a dilemma when her 1987 Subaru wagon started leaking oil, violating community rules at her home in Mapleton Mobile Home Park. With limited income from a federal disability retirement program, she needed a reliable and affordable vehicle. After some online research, Cindy discovered she qualified for state and Xcel Energy rebates aimed at helping low-income drivers purchase electric vehicles.

The Role of Boulder Nissan and Its Staff

Boulder Nissan played a crucial role in Cindy's journey to owning an EV. She found a 2015 Nissan Leaf at the dealership, which was willing to honor both state and Xcel Energy rebates as upfront discounts. Ed Olsen, the sales manager at Boulder Nissan, and his team went above and beyond to assist Cindy. They further reduced the price of the Nissan Leaf to fit her budget and handled all the necessary paperwork to ensure she received the rebates at the time of purchase. "We went for a test drive, and he made it happen. It was easy. It was just easy," Cindy said, praising the dealership's efforts.

Importance of EV Discounts in Colorado

Transportation is Colorado’s largest source of planet-warming emissions, making EV adoption a critical component of the state's climate strategy. Governor Jared Polis has pledged to put nearly a million plug-in vehicles on the road by 2030. To support this goal, Colorado offers several rebate programs, including a $4,000 state rebate for used EVs and additional savings from utility companies like Xcel Energy. These discounts are designed to make EVs accessible to all residents, not just the wealthy.

Success of the Vehicle Exchange Colorado Program

A significant factor in Cindy's ability to purchase her Nissan Leaf was the Vehicle Exchange Colorado Program. This cash-for-clunkers initiative provides substantial rebates to low-income residents who trade in older, high-emission vehicles. Cindy qualified for the program, which offered her a $4,000 discount on the used EV. According to Ari Rosenblum from the Colorado Energy Office, the program has exceeded expectations, issuing five times more rebates than anticipated. The success of this program demonstrates the demand and need for affordable EV options in Colorado.

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Boulder Nissan is Here to Help

If you're considering making the switch to an electric vehicle, now is the perfect time. With state and utility rebates, you can enjoy significant savings, just like Cindy. Visit Boulder Nissan today to explore our range of electric vehicles and take advantage of the available discounts. Our knowledgeable staff, including sales manager Ed Olsen, is ready to help you navigate the rebates and find the perfect EV for your budget and lifestyle.


Don't wait—join the growing community of eco-conscious drivers in Colorado and experience the benefits of owning an electric vehicle. Make your next car an EV from Boulder Nissan, where we make driving green easy and affordable. Contact us or visit our dealership in Boulder, CO, to start your journey towards sustainable transportation today!

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