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Auto purchase checklist items you'll need to bring with you

Published on Jan 2, 2023 by Boulder Business Office Team

Essential Documents to Bring When Buying a Car from Our Dealership

When you’re ready to complete the purchase of your new car, there are several items you need to bring with you to the car dealer. Depending on the dealership and the specifics of your purchase, the list may be slightly different, but there are some items you should always make sure you have. First, you’ll need your driver’s license, trade in registration, and proof of insurance. It's always good to also bring proof of residence, and proof of income if you plan to finance or lease your next vehicle.


The dealer will need these to confirm your identity and your ability to legally drive the vehicle. If you’re financing the car, you’ll need to complete a credit application and sign the loan documents. You will need a checkbook or bank check for your down payment. You can also use cash, debit, or credit card for your down payment for an amount up to $3,000. The use of a credit card will incur a 2% fee.


If you’re trading in a vehicle, you'll need to bring the title, registration, or lienholder information including loan account number and any other documentation related to the trade. You should also bring a checklist of any additional items you want included in the purchase. This might include accessories, a vehicle service contract, or a maintenance package. Also don't forget all the keys to the vehicle you may be trading in.


By having all these items with you, you’ll be able to complete your purchase at the car dealer quickly and easily. Make sure to double-check that you have everything before you leave home, and you’ll be ready for a smooth and successful car-buying experience.

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