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Colorado Traction Laws

Published on Dec 26, 2022 by Boulder Service Team


The Colorado traction law is a set of laws designed to protect people from the dangers of icy roads. The Colorado traction law requires that all vehicles running on public roads must have legal and adequate tires. This includes all-weather tires, snow tires, and studded tires. All-weather tires are the most common, and they provide the best overall traction in all conditions.


Snow tires are designed specifically for snow and ice, and they provide the best traction in these conditions. Studded tires are designed for icy roads, and they are made with metal studs that provide extra grip in icy conditions. To ensure that drivers are following the law, the Colorado Department of Transportation inspects vehicles at random and can issue citations if a vehicle does not have the required tires.


This law is important because it helps to prevent accidents and keep roads safe for everyone. Drivers in Colorado should take the traction law seriously and make sure their vehicles are equipped with the proper tires. This is especially important in the winter months when icy roads are most common. With proper tires, drivers can stay safe and avoid disasters. The traction law is a great example of how a law can help protect people’s safety. It helps to ensure that drivers are prepared for any condition they may encounter on the road, and it helps to keep everyone safe. The traction law is an important part of keeping Colorado roads safe.